10 Ways to Improve Your Web Design

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It only takes seconds for your users to get their first impression of your website and determine whether they want to stick around for a while or not. Therefore, if your site navigation isn’t great and your website’s color scheme gives users a headache, you can forget about keeping your visitors browsing your website.

With that said, here are ways you can boost your site’s traffic and keep your users’ attention.


1) Optimize Your Website Speed

If it takes too much load time to view a certain item on your website, your users will abandon ship and look for another website where they can do the same thing but faster. So, the first thing you should figure out is your website speed, there are many online tools you can use to both test and improve loading speed.

2) Make Your Design Responsive

A responsive web design means that the layout and images on your website are flexible; they will adapt to the screen size and orientation of your visitor’s chosen device.

People nowadays do most of their browsing on their mobile devices. To top it off, if your website isn’t ‘mobile friendly’ then it’s about time you develop a mobile version of it, which will do wonders for your website in terms of SEO and in turn increase traffic.

3) Be Simple

Design-minimalism is a real thing and very trendy, just take a look at Apple’s website and you’ll get an idea.

Make everything from your design to the navigation on your website as simple as possible. Reduce the items on your menu and minimize graphics to provide a comfortable web-surfing experience for users.

4) Make an Obvious Call-to-Action

Your users won’t bother looking for the sign-up button if it’s not in their face. A call-to-action or CTA should be eye-catching and attention grabbing. Help guide your users by using words like ‘Join’, ‘Discover or ‘Create’ and making your CTA easily noticeable, like using a different color than the rest of the elements on your website.

5) Don’t Shy Away From Whitespace

Remember how we said that flat designs are ‘in’? Whitespace is a powerful tool in creating simple, yet elegant designs. Research shows that keeping margins blank and free of content will improve your visitors’ comprehension and increase content legibility.

6) Integrate Illustrations

For many people, visuals prevail over words. Illustrations are charming and reinforce the function of your website. As an added bonus, try to make your illustrations custom-made rather than using random images off the internet.

7)  Let Users Scroll Through the Homepage

With all this talk about simplicity, you may think scrolling is ineffective, but it isn’t. Scrolling is a natural, involuntary action almost all users make on the internet. Place the most important message at the top of your page and give your users a reason for them to scroll down.

8) ‘Thank You’ Pages

Overlooked most of the time, yet a good marketing strategy. Creating a simple ‘thank you’ page gives users a chance to follow you on social media, sign-up for newsletters or download free samples.

9) Pay Attention to Typos 

Grammar and spelling mistakes are off-putting for a lot of users and makes your website look less professional. Make sure you run through every single word and paragraph on your website to ensure that it’s typo-free.


10) Every Color Evokes Different Emotions

It’s useful to familiarize yourself with the effect different colors have on people. Even something as simple as choosing the color of a CTA button could be a game-changer. Choose color combinations that suit your website, while at the same time, using colors to evoke certain reactions from users.


Last But Not Least: Check Your Website Regularly

Evaluating your website’s speed, updating and optimizing it on a regular basis will help you increase traffic and keep your website up-to-date. If you want your website to perform well 24/7, then you have to put as much effort into it like you did the first time you designed it.

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