Custom Web Design VS. Pre-Made Website Template

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 Which One Should You Go For?

There came a time when having a functioning website was all you needed to get customers. However, in today’s competitive market, you’re going to need more than just a regular website to get those customers’ attention. This is why so many businesses are opting for custom web designs instead of ready-made ones (templates), but this doesn’t necessarily mean one is always a better option than the other.


Here’s a comparison between the two, based on five important elements.

Flexibility and Customization

Custom Web Design

If you want to get something specific out of your website or are planning to make it mobile-friendly, then a custom web design may be up your alley. It’s highly personalized to meet your company goals and business strategy. Custom web designs are also expandable; your web designer will keep careful track of changes in your company’s branding and growth and apply it to the design.

Pre-Made Website Template

In terms of customization, there’s not much you can do with a pre-made template. You can only change simple stuff like the font and maybe add a few images of your own, but the layout is generally fixed. If the only thing you care about is sharing information about your company online, then this could be a better option for you.



Custom Web Design

A custom web design is built exactly the way you want. A web designer will gather everything he or she needs to know about your company and give your website its own unique edge, showcasing your company’s personality and culture through the design along the way.

Pre-Made Website Template

Pre-made templates are like cookie cutters; you’re not going to be the only one that uses a cookie cutter in the shape of a star. Chances are that someone else has a website that is styled exactly like yours. If you’re not worried about that, then opt for a pre-made template.


Presentation and User Experience

Custom Web Design

This really depends on the kind of product or service you’re selling. If you really want your customers to get a good sense of what you’re selling or want them to capture the essence of your company’s culture, then what you need is a website with excellent user experience, which is why custom web designs exist.

Pre-Made Website Template

Creating user experience that fulfils the needs of the company’s persona is difficult to achieve with something that allows very limited customizability like a pre-made template. However, like we mentioned before, the matter depends on what you’re selling and your target audience. For instance, clients of a car selling business will have high expectations of the business’s website in terms of style, usefulness and value, but for a freelancer or personal trainer, it’s the service they’re providing that the clients are after and not necessarily how navigable the website is.


Custom Functionality

Custom Web Design

If you take a look at Converse’s website, you’ll find that they have tools you can use to create your own custom shoe design; this is an example of what a custom web design can do. It makes your website more interactive and entertaining for your users, as you would be able to customize it based on what you know would attract your target customers.

Pre-Made Website Template

Some pre-made website templates give you enough functionality to fit your basic needs, but this won’t be exactly what you want. Simply put, a pre-made template is for businesses that provide simple services or don’t need any additional features to represent their product.


Price and Delivery Time

Custom Web Design

Creating an adaptable website according to your own specifications is pricey. It’s more expensive as it takes a longer time to build.

Pre-Made Website Template

On the other hand, if you’d rather invest your money somewhere else, then your obvious choice would be a pre-made template. Many YouTubers or startup companies use this option when they want something quick and low-priced. There are websites like Wix or WordPress that offer inexpensive and free templates.


Which One Should You Go For?

In a nutshell, if you’re a small business that wants something quick, inexpensive and just want something similar to an online brochure, then just apply a pre-made template. However, if you’re a professional business with complex strategic goals and care deeply about the image you reflect, then a custom web design is definitely worth investing in.







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