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Your digital products have a twin brief: they must meet your organization’s objectives and your users’ needs. Plexable starts with the User Experience (UX) because when users accept and enjoy using your site or app, your engagement, conversion and retention rates go up.


How can you design for a user you don’t know? We help you discover and define your audience and understand their needs and goals. That way you can give them what they want and get fast and measurable results.


    Who are your users and what do they want and need? Whenever companies look under the hood they’re always surprised at what really makes their customers tick. We’re never surprised: we look first, so we know just who we’re building for and just what they like. Making the research to validate the information of the users.


    We’ll help you to understand your own market like never before, segmenting and analysing the market to let you see exactly where your competitive advantage lies and how you can build that into your vision. Competitor Scanning lets us monitor your competition and exceed their results.


    A persona is an archetype of a specific group of users, created from facts about your real audience that we know from research. Using personas helps in creating solutions that address the concerns of specific groups of users and build user journeys that reflect the desires and responses of segments of your audience.


Plexable puts the focus where it belongs: on the user experience (UX). That’s the real power behind our success.


    Our designers and architects start by identifying the distinct roles and goals of the users who matter most to your business. Then we build a design framework that’s informed by what those users want out of your website or application. We make it as simple and intuitive as possible for each one of your users to get where they want to go, designing applications and sites as spaces to be explored.


    Plexable creates user flows based on careful research into the needs, desires and behaviors of a segment of carefully studied users. That means identifying the steps users take to move through your application to their destination. We create use cases and contextualised user flows, showing how different groups of users interact with your product.


    We’re interested in interactions, where your user touches your site or application. That’s where our design efforts should be focussed because that’s where results are generated. We create clear goals for users, and intuitive paths to reach them. Processes that feel natural and rewarding create a sense of satisfaction, pushing up engagement and conversion rates.


    Your Plexable team will create a blueprint showing how information will be arranged and presented to your users. Wireframes are valuable because they let us talk about how we’re addressing users’ needs before we start in on graphic or interface design or branding and aesthetics. Focussing on just one thing at a time makes the whole process simpler and faster.


At Plexable we test new and existing propositions for any product, working to inspire engagement and conversions and drive digital revenue streams.


    To achieve truly user-centered design we involve actual users in our UX process. At the Validation stage: we study, test and understand how your actual users interact with the experience we’ve created, hopefully it’s a hit. if there’s room for improvement, we’ll move into additional rounds of design audit and product development.


    Usability testing allows us to systematically measure how users interact with your product. Whether it’s a software, mobile device, website or enterprise portal, we’ll assess how users navigate it to accomplish goals, looking for sticking points or wrong turns. We deliver reports and recommendations for how to improve the system.


    We’ll use accessibility testing to find out if you’re meeting the rules on best practice to support the needs of all your users. This increases customer satisfaction, boosts revenue, improves brand loyalty and enhances search engine performance, and in many cases it’s a regulatory compliance issue too.


    We’ll use rigorous testing and our understanding of user behavior to scientifically define the usability of your systems. This helps shape the online user experience. We’ll also find out how powerful your web presence is, and use a tailored, accurate and science-backed approach to improve and reinforce it.

  • Prototyping

    A prototype is a working model. They let us experiment, explore and demonstrate ideas. Prototypes can include clickable wireframes based on use case, which help us see how your intended audience interact with our design. Our prototyping allows us to combine design and testing so we’re as sure as we can be about every step.

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