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  • Backstory

    Allen Carr’s Easyway has helped millions of smokers to stop smoking and escape from nicotine addiction. Their approach focuses on why smokers continue to smoke despite the obvious disadvantages. The Allen Carr foundation aim to change how smokers feel about smoking so that quitting becomes easy, enjoyable and you do not miss cigarettes. Inspired by that we created an interactive application to help people release themselves from smoke addiction.

  • Challenge

    Easyway mobile app is an interactive system where users create their own stories based on their emotional status and lifestyle. As we were doing the research and user interviews we found out how hard it is to quit smoking and how people might feel frustrated and stressed without their cigarettes. We had to make the application easy and simple that it satisfies their needs and doesn't disappoint them.

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Easyway brand is a hero, where there’s a well there’s a way. That’s why we had to make it look sharp, edgy strong, bold and functional. And because, the Hero Archetype language is direct and hard-hitting, we introduced a brand direction that easily tells a story and prove its power.

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The application was a challenge, but our wireframes made it much simpler! Integrating every case, rule and functionality into the wireframe making the system ready for design and development the content was placed and connected with the actual choice of the users because the journeys depend on the user's choice.

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After the development and deployment of the app on iOS app store, the interactive app has reached an end. With a 90% success rate for Allen’s Carr method we believe we couldn't have done it better. The application worked perfectly on iPhones and iPads and it is helping people around the world to quit smoking.

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