Fusion Looks

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  • Backstory

    Hairdressers had the greatest sense of style, they know how to blend colors and match them with skin tones. They love clean and simple beauty, they also love their tools and often its the most precious thing they have besides their talent. They are sharp, simple and detail oriented.

  • Concept

    We started sketching scissors and hair, we knew clean and sharp were necessities. But we had to show more with the logo knowing that skill and hairdressing talent were the heart of what they. Hair is their expertise and styling is their core talent the logo started to look clear after we managed to integrate the initials to the design.

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Fusion Looks stand for elegance, style and beauty. Creating the brand with these in mind we managed to assemble the name with hair to draw a brand that raises the bar of great brands and interpret a fine image for the customers.

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